Be Happy it Happened…

Wow… June already. I cant believe it..we have done so much and come so far since the beginning of September.

This year has been a year filled with moments that I will never forget, and some that have forever changed me. I have learned so much from each and every one of you, and I can happily say that I am a better person for having spent time with all of you. A truly amazing group of intelligent and kind-hearted people who will one day make your mark in this world in your own unique way. This world of ours will simply be a better place because you are in it.

Some of you have been Kindree Kids who have been here since you were only 4 years old! Some of you have been with the Kindree family for only a short time, but it’s as if you have always been here:)

Please write a paragraph that reflects what you feel you have learned this year about yourself and how you have grown, changed, even perhaps become a better person over the last year. What will you remember the most? What memories will you carry with you onto Grade Five? I feel lucky to have spent this year with you and hope you feel the same.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts….

Ms. Slaunwhite:)

The Bayeux Tapestry Animated Video

Watch this animated version of the Bayeux Tapestry again and write a response on the blog to the following questions:

Do you believe that this is an accurate representation of what really happened?

Whose perspective is being represented in the tapestry?

Whose perspective/version of this historical event is missing?

The tapestry is incomplete and was never finished. Why do you think this is?

Wonder by R.J. Palacio was truly a “wonder”

So it’s over… we finally finished our class read aloud and I have to say that I am a little sad. I looked forward to reading about Auggie everyday, and as much as I tried to stretch out the chapters and avoid reaching the end, we did reach the end. This book made me feel a million emotions. One minute I wanted to cry, and the next I was laughing until my belly hurt:) I have learned alot about myself as well as all of you while reading this book. Your deep sense of empathy and caring came shining through in our discussions. I think I will be forever changed by Auggie’s story, and I hope that you are too. I think we will all be a little kinder, maybe even “kinder than necessary” after seeing the world through Auggie Pullman’s eyes.

This is your opportunity to hightlight your favourite moment or event in the book. How has this book changed you and how you “see others”?


Reading and Interpreting Graphs

We have been working diligently this past week on reading various types of graphs for information.  We have learned the criteria for contructing appropropriate bar graphs, pictographs, and circle graphs. The following link is a fun way to reinforce the data management skills and knowledge that we have been working so hard to develop and refine. Try it out and let me know what you think. Is it helpful? Useful?     



Earth Hour

    I am going to go back to the quote, “we can all do our part, no matter how small” for this post. How did you do “your part” to help the world on March 23rd? Did you turn the lights off, play board games by candle light with your family? If you were somewhere during Earth Hour where you couldn’t control what happened between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm, did you try and make up for it by initiating your own Earth Hour today? Why is it important that Earth Hour be recognized? What does it mean for our community? Our country? Our world?   


Your Thoughts…The Feudal System

Today we learned about the Feudal System that existed during the middle ages. It is very much a social system of the “haves” and the “have nots.” Building the actual “pyramid” today hopefully helped you to see that there were very few people at the top who had most of the power (King/Queen) and that the majority of people were at the bottom (serfs/peasants) who had the the least amount of power. This system allowed “the rich to stay rich” and “the poor to stay poor.”

Thinking about all of the roles in medieval society discussed today, which role do you think would be the easiest? Hardest? Safest?

If given the choice, which role would you have like to have had if you had lived during the middle ages? Explain your choice and the benefits of this position in society. Include “the GOOD, the BAD, AND the UGLY of this position on the feudal pyramid.